• 8 Lessons

    Awaken Mini-Challenge

    5 Day challenge ​5 minutes a day required to do your lesson ​Daily informative videos ​Daily exercises  ​Easy to follow daily journal  ​24 hour live…
  • 36 Lessons

    Step 1 – Be Present, Be Aware

    In the first step of our Challenge, we help you be more present and to focus on the moment, instead of always thinking about the future. By the end of this Challenge, you will understand how to remain present in your life, and start to gain control of your life journey.

  • 28 Lessons

    Step 2 – Emotions

    This is the second step of our challenge. In this step we help you take a deep look into your emotional DNA and influences of the outer environment on your emotions. By the end of this Challenge, you will understand your emotions and your reactions to them, and how to start gaining control of them.

  • 27 Lessons

    Step 3 – Communication

    In this step you will be challenged to learn how and why we communicate the way we do and why it can be so difficult at time. By the end of this program, you will understand how to communicate effectively for better results in your relationships in life.

  • 28 Lessons

    Step 4: Fear

    In this step we work through what exactly fear is, why we have it and why it's so hard to overcome our fears. By the end of this challenge you will have tools and techniques on overcoming your fears.

  • 30 Lessons

    Step 5: Vulnerability

    Learn what it means to be truly vulnerable and grow through it. By the end of this Challenge, you will know how to grow while being more vulnerable, while at the same time stepping away from being naive.